Defending Poker Hands

One thing that a novice should know when starting with poker online is how to defend their poker hand. Most people choose to start with Texas Hold’em Poker.

In loose limit games you always get the right odds to call with a draw and not even a check-raise can beat that. In No-Limit you can define the pot odds with the size of your bet and defend your poker hand by doing that. In No-Limit Hold’em this is a very important aspect and to use it in order to maximize your profits is crucial.

Another way to maximize your profits is rakeback. This is something that most beginners are not aware of . Rakeback gives back a certain percentage to the player of the poker room fees called „rake“. This way you are still in profit even if you have earned $0 over a week or so.

Lets look at how to defend your hand. You have Ac-Kh and the flop is Ks – 7s – 3h. This lesson has only one opposer who is likely on a flush draw. Your pair of kings has to be protected with a suitable bet now. General understanding of this is that you should win the pot right away. In other words, you have to bet so much that the person with the draw is forced to fold. This understanding is wrong and for two reasons .

In poker, like in other games, you want to play for the maximum profit and with best strategy . Since some of the cards are hidden and info is based on assumptions, it is not possible. Even if all of your cards would be open and everyone would be playing „correctly“ it would not really be the way of poker. Everyone would lose to poker rooms fees in the long run because the game would be similar to lottery . I Your goal should be to play against unexperienced players with a great poker strategy . As an experienced player you should give your opponents the chance to play differently from usual poker strategy – chance to play wrong.

In reality you can never be 100% sure about what hand your opponent has. Instead of your opponent having a flush draw, like in the previous example, he could have a set and your pair of kings would be very far behind . Betting too much will force your opponent to throw away his draw and with a set you most likely face a re-raise . You win less and risk more with a very big bet, but poker should be played in the opposite way. Risk less and win more.

When looking for best rakeback deals then a beginner should also consider the factor of unexperienced players. Perfect places to look for would be Noxwin Rakeback and 888 Poker Rakeback. These suggestions are good for beginners due to their high number of unexperienced players and good promotions. Make your choice in the online poker world and start learning!

Craps Lessons

The game Craps is believed to come from the game Hazard, which was invented around 1125 AD. This game is believed to be invented by the Englishman, Sir Williams of Tyre during the overtaking of a castle called Hazarth or Asart, therefore the name of the game is corruption of the name of that castle. But there is another story to the origination of the game , in Encyclopedia Britannica it is written that Hazard came from Arabic words ‘al zar’ or ‘azzah’ which in english means “the dice” and so this implies that Hazard (later Craps) was invented in Arabia .

After its invention the country of England fell in love with the game , frequently mentioned in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and played by the Englishmen through the years . Sometime around 15-16th century the French took up playing the Hazard and its believed that they changed the name to Craps, using a corruption in the name given to a losing throw of 2 when playing Hazard, known as ‘crabs’.

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Later the game arrived in America through the French Louisiana colony of Arcadia. It was later simplified and turned to the first version of craps in 1813 by Bernard de Mandeville of New Orleans. With these changes the game start to spread in the United States of America and became popular through the rich men. But the Mandeville’s version of Craps had a major flaw – with everybody only betting on the pass line a pair of fixed dice was death to the game’s owner, the players could strip them for everything they got. So to stop this they invented the don’t pass line and the don’t come to neutralize this effect somewhat .

Over the years the game of Craps became more and more popular . In the World Wars, soldiers were playing the game using the version we know today to entertain themselves . Even movies were using the game in their story lines as casino craps took over the gambling word.

Around 1990 the game lost a little bit of its luster do to the fact of Slot Machines, Carnival Games, etc. But recently over the past several years it has made a strong come back .

If you are ever interested in learning how to play the game of craps you can always approach the dealers and ask them on your next trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There are plenty of online craps lessons as well.

One other thing to consider is you might think about Managing your Money wisely while playing craps. There are some good Craps Money Management Systems out there, or ask the Dealer the next time you decide to play, but most importantly have fun.

Online Gambling and US Economy

Online gambling in the United States is considered a billion dollar industry before the enactment of the unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act last 2006 which prohibit businesses from accepting credit cards, checks, or other bank instruments from gamblers who illegally bet over the Internet. These billion dollars are probably used to be to support and strengthen the US economy. Compliance with those censors and regulations would be enforced by various federal agencies as well as state governments, and violations would be subject to new civil remedies and criminal penalties. It was recorded that most of the online bets are coming from the United States approximately with about 80 per centum or beyond. In addition, things are getting worse to the US government. Recently, they have already an arrangement to pay millions of dollars as payment for the penalty of the island Antigua. This is due to poor compliance of the decision of World Trade Organization when it comes to online gambling.

Some of the US Presidential candidates have strong understanding towards the role of this action in the lives and progress of the country in a legalized form. There are some pros and cons in the legalization of online gambling, Republican Ron Paul speak out against any form of internet gambling prohibition, in contrast, a well-known poker players, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in support of this issue.

Online gambling is a competitive business many gambling sites will provide good offers to get potential gamblers to use their site and stay with them. It brings many benefits to the countrymen. As time passes by, these Internet gambling companies would bring more employment to the Americans. One best example how beneficial the industry is at the online gambling destination of Costa Rica which is among the highest paying industry in the place. Many gambling operators raise millions of dollars back into the Costa Rican economy. The industry requires a skilled work force with highest knowledge in English.

Online gambling in many ways illustrates just what is wrong with the US economy today. Jobs and whole industries are emerging elsewhere in the world with less and less being fed back into the American economy. The whole world was feared especially American highest officials, economists and business leaders as well to the possible dragged down of the US economy. Political and business leaders with nearly 2,500 members gathered for a severe meeting about the present US economic situation at the Swiss skiing resort of Davos.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn recently announced for the economic forecast the following week to keep track what will happen for the economy in the mere future. In many ways, online gambling shows just what is happening with the US economy situation today. With the flowering economy of Costa Rica, this will be the substitute to support to the world economy as IMF chief stressed out.

A Guide to Playing Craps

Craps is an online casino game that doesn’t seem to get as much exposure as its more popular counterparts. In a land-based casino the typical ambiance surrounding craps would be of a high intensity, with people shouting at the craps tables raising the excitement levels to the roof.

Contrary to popular belief, craps as a whole is not a difficult game to learn. And now that it has been taken into an online arena it’s even easier than before. Most casinos offering craps will have sufficient information, tips and strategies on the game available for players to get up to speed in no time at all.

A craps table generally will have place for a maximum of twenty players. There are various bets to make when playing casino craps such as: pass line bet, come bet, odds on come bet, don’t pass line bet, odds on pass line bet, don’t come bet, field bet, Big Six/Eight bets, place bet and proposition bets.

If you choose to play craps at an online casino, the game may differ slightly to the conventional land-based style due to the fact that you won’t physically be throwing the dice. However the basics of the game will be exactly the same. You can refer to the immense amount of information and guidelines available on online casino sites to understand the workings of the game and to develop a solid strategy before you start wagering money on your bets. The bonuses and promotions only found in online casino craps games are also bound to up your winnings dramatically.

The online craps world holds certain advantages over the land-based variety where as the games are a lot faster and technology creates a visual experience as well as a gaming experience for players to enjoy.

The only thing missing for players that choose to play craps in an online casino is the sensation of actually throwing the dice and waiting for an outcome.

The following are some interesting superstitions surrounding the craps dice and how players use them:

  • Land-based casinos adhere to rigid rules regarding the dice. Each dice can only be used for 8 hours until it is replaced.
  • Players may only use one hand to throw the dice.
  • Should the dice fall off the table, they must be inspected before they are place back.
  • Some players tap the table gently for luck before tossing.
  • Other players puff on the dice for luck. No spitting though please.

There are many tossing/throwing styles that any craps enthusiast is bound to encounter over time. Whatever you style may be, remember that as all other casino games are, craps is just a game and players should not become too emotionally invested in it.

All-Time Classic Mobile Phone Casino Games

Whether or not you play for money, casino games can be great fun and there are loads of different games to choose from, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. We take you through some of the most popular casino games. One really popular game that everyone should try is blackjack. The rules are simple: you are given two cards and you have to choose whether or not to go for another card in order to get as close to 21 as possible.

Roulette is another popular game that always goes down well in casinos. This is the game where you bet on red or black to win, and you can also bet on specific numbers if you’re feeling lucky, although you need to remember that the odds of winning both color and number are slim. You can also bet on, for example, odd or even numbers, numbers in single digits or different combinations of numbers. It’s a game of luck, not skill, so there isn’t much strategy involved.

A great game to play if you don’t want to spend much money but want to dip your toe into gambling is the slot machine. Most of these machines work by putting money into the slot, pulling a lever and then hoping that you get three identical pictures. If you do, you win, if you don’t, you don’t win. It’s rare to win big money on the slot machines but you may have some luck winning small amounts. You can also find slot machines that push money off a ledge.

Poker is probably one of the most popular casino games and everyone should try it at least once. There are lots of types of poker to choose from, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud, five card draw and more. It’s a game that combines both luck and skill so is good if you want a bit of a challenge. You can choose between penny ante games if you don’t want to bet too much, or go right the way up to the big money games where you can win big.

Craps is another good casino game that everyone should try at least once. You win or lose this on the roll of a dice, making it another luck rather than skill-based game. This makes it great for everyone, from novices upwards. Just choose the number you think will come up on the dice and if it comes up, you win. You can also choose to bet on the combination of numbers (such as a four and a five) if you want to be more specific about your bet.