Casino Bonus - About Online Gambling Bonuses

Casino Bonus – About Online Gambling Bonuses

One way in which online casinos try to secure their customers is by offering a casino bonus when a subscription to the site is filled out. There are several types of online gambling bonus that the sites use, and this article will detail some of them.

The Sign Up Bonus: This is also known as the gambling casino cash bonus. In order to qualify, a new customer must first make a deposit into their account with the casino. Usually, the cash is matched or exceeded by the casino in terms of credits into the player’s account. For example, the customer could make an initial deposit of $50. An online gambling site that offered a 100% sign up bonus would then contribute another $50 into the new customer’s account. Some of these bonuses are less than 100%, while some are more. There are a lot of online casino bonuses like this out there, and selecting the best online casino cash gambling bonus is up to the surfer.

Bonuses on Games: Most casinos will offer free cash bonus gambling online incentives to players who try out their new features, such as the latest slot machine they have in stock. Usually in this case the site will credit a player with a matching amount of money as they play the game, up until a certain cash limit. This type of bonus will help introduce players to some of the latest gambling software.

Hard Luck Bonuses: In order to keep players coming back, a lot of online casinos are offering hard luck bonuses. These are the types of best online casino gambling bonus for people who are perpetually unlucky. The people who accrue the greatest number of losses in a given month according to how much money they spend are given a special bonus at the end of the month in order to make sure they don’t run out of credits. Watch out for these bonuses, though, if you find that you are getting them all the time. It might be that you need to take a few months off.

Preferred Player Bonuses: These bonuses are given to players who subscribe to the elevated services that many casinos offer. In addition to qualifying for tournament play and extended services, preferred players will also receive a certain number of credits each month in their account to be spent as they wish.

Referral Bonus: Casinos online are continually trying to attract new customers. To this end, they encourage clients with existing accounts in good standing to invite their friends to play at the casino with them. Often the referral bonus will apply to both the existing client and the new client. In other words, online cash bonuses will be given to the client who referred the name or email of a friend, and the friend so referred will also receive a gambling casino cash bonus. This is one of the best online casino gambling bonuses available if you wish to play at a site with family and friends.

Not all the money you play with on an online casino has to be your own! Many sites offer several types of online gambling bonus which can get you a lot of extra credits for free.

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