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Why Choose to Play Online Slots?

There is a fair amount of slots players that prefer to play slots in a land-based casino rather than online. Since many modern land based slots are in fact video slots, it is difficult to understand why these players won’t play slots on their personal computers. Is it the lack of computer literacy or the fact that they just feel compelled to get out of the house. Although the above two points are quite valid, this article will try to dismiss the pretense stating that online casino slots are not as fun or lucrative to play as land based slots.

Slots found in land-based casinos are not as progressive as online slots

With regards to online casinos, there is a minor amount of software operators currently operating. Like any other industry, the online casino industry is a monopoly. Although there are thousands of casino brands, most of them utilized the same software. This means that casino brands can link through the same software in order to produce the world’s biggest Progressive Jackpots. So, in a nutshell, this means that players frequenting specific video slots can bid for the same jackpot over a vast variety of casino brands. Therefore, players will be playing for jackpots consisting of millions of Euros/Dollars. Essentially, this is a casino bonus itself

Bonus Casino Slots

Most online casinos offer their players bonuses to reward their loyalty and patronage to the site. Players can also play slots for free as a part of these bonuses – this is mainly for promotional purposes on behalf of the casino. Because online casino gambling involves fierce rivalry between different casino brands, casinos try their best to outdo each other in every possible aspect. Casinos today even offer players a huge cash incentive for simply joining their site. The best part about slot bonuses is that players can keep the winnings they have made. Most casinos will have a cap on these winnings, so make sure you read about how these bonuses will work best for you.

Great Variety

What amount of unique slot games do you expect to find at a traditoinal casino? Twenty? Thirty? 50? The biggest land-based casino such as those found in Vegas or Reno will provide that amount of slot games. And to add insult to injury, the slot games available at tehse casinos will not be upgraded or changed for many years, until it becomes an absolute necessity for casino management to change them. The fact remains that online slots are cheaper and more convenient to make. Due to the other fact that online slots are computer programs and do not need individual screens and hardware to operate, online casinos can now produce hundreds of online slots every year and archive older games so that players can enjoy many hundreds of tittles simultaneously.

If you are stressed about your computer literacy – there is no need to. Face it, if you are reading this you are pretty much half way there already with being able to browse the net. Online video slots operate in an identical manner to land based slots and are really easy to grasp; the big difference is that you will receive a serious casino bonus as an extra.